Marketing ABA Therapy: What It Is and How It Works

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy has become widely recognized as a scientifically proven treatment for individuals who fall within the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It has become a resource to many families of children with autism and the need for finding clinics in their area has only increased as these too have proliferated.

In this post, we hope to provide a comprehensive overview of how marketing for ABA Therapy ought to be done in order to better showcase clinics that offer it, so read on!

Why Tailor-Made Digital Marketing is Essential for ABA Therapy Clinics

Marketing ABA therapy providers is a relatively new enterprise since they have only recently grown in numbers – as the practice itself went on to be proven as incredibly effective. Families with children on the autism spectrum have long since used the internet as a resource for learning about the malaise, potential treatments, and therapies nearby.

ABA therapy is a relatively new practice, marketers must educate parents and families about its benefits and how it can help.

As the topic of Autism is a most delicate one, it’s crucial that marketers showcase their services in a clear, empathetic, and understandable way. Parents may have the suggestion to seek out ABA Therapy, but most of them might not know what it is, and it is the job of the marketer to “translate” the medical lingo into something anyone can grasp.

So, how to start?

Firstly, Build a Sleek and Optimized Site

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The landing page of your website, along with the rest of them naturally, must be professional, simple and responsive (both on the web and mobile) if you want a robust autism marketing strategy. Remember, this is likely the first contact most potential clients will have with ABA Therapy in general (and your clinic specifically) so the layout ought to be optimized to give as much information right away.

Whatever questions you know parents will have ought to be answered in full detail – or at least, links to pages with detailed explanations should be clearly displayed right on the Home Page.

Your ABA therapy website should possess a blog section with easy-to-read pieces so that parents can learn about it at their own speed. Make sure to answer all the most frequently asked questions and address any barriers that may be preventing them from reaching out. Make sure you have a services page that details exactly what your various services and treatments entail, as well as what insurance is accepted. Finally, have a form where potential clients can book an appointment and keep the conversion funnel as short as possible.

Next, Create Local SEO Strategies for ABA Therapy Clinics

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ABA therapy is and should be a local service. It makes sense; people want to work with local healthcare providers within their area and not drive for 30 minutes for an appointment. Furthermore, people prefer to have a more intimate experience by meeting their healthcare providers face to face.

Make sure that potential patients in your area can find you by following the best practices in the local SEO field – get listed on local directories, optimize your Google business profile, and make sure to correctly fill in the necessary information. This means the name of your business, the correct phone number, address, working hours, etc. Make sure everything is streamlined across all directories otherwise, it can hurt your Google rankings. Finally, take the time to fill out your FAQ section and add good-quality photos where possible so potential clients can get a sense of you as an ABA Therapy provider.

Then, Make Your Reputation Management Strategy

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Online reviews are key when it comes to the ranking of your clinic in the eyes of parents, who are sure to check your Google ranking first. They are also likely to read reviews (especially the negative ones) before scheduling an appointment.

Having a 4-star review or higher is considered to be highly important across the board, especially when it comes to ABA Therapy providers. Hiring a company like Blue Ocean HQ [HYPERLINK to our Reputation Management Services] is one of the steps to take. Likewise, ask your satisfied patients to leave reviews when their appointments end!

Finally, build a Google Ads PPC Strategy for Your ABA Therapy Services

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Google Pay-Per-Click or PPC Ads are an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool for ABA Therapy providers and mental health care providers for capturing consumers at the bottom of the in general. They target the bottom of the funnel with specific keywords. This way, people looking for an ABA Therapy provider will search terms such as “ABA near me” and your clinic will be the one to pop up!

This is an invaluable tool and definitely one to invest in to round out your social marketing strategy.

In Conclusion

As ABA therapy gets increased insurance coverage in a growing number of states, the competition grows. Having a well-designed marketing strategy will set your clinic apart and knowing how to promote your services well is of the essence.

Individuals with autism can live better lives by learning better communication skills, how to reduce reactive behaviors, and enhancing their overall quality of life. If you know your clinic can help them with this, then you should market it for all it’s worth!

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