Have you seen our DREAM TEAM?

Spencer Fisken - the CEO of Blue Ocean HQ

Spencer Fisken, CEO

Meet Spenser Fisken, our CEO and Best Boss Ever! When he’s not running operations, leading the team to glorious victories and communicating with clients, he’s spending quality time with family and friends (when in America, that is)!

Marina - an SEO Manager

Marina, SEO Expert

Meet Marina, our SEO expert and Dog Lover Extraordinaire! When she’s not optimizing websites and blogs, she’s out and about with her darling doggo (because he gets jealous of the other 4)!

Alex - A Web Specialist

Alex, Software Developer

Meet Alex, our Web Designer and Coding King! When he’s not building the websites of dreams for our clients, he’s probably playing some video games – for research purposes, of course…

Dunja - a Social Media Specialist

Dunja, Social Media Specialist

Meet Dunja, our Social Media Specialist and self-proclaimed Insta-Queen! When she’s not growing our clients’ online communities, she probably has her nose in a book (whether she’s reading or writing one!)

An image of our co-worker Mevludin

Mev, PPC Expert

Meet Mev, our lean and mean PPC machine! Mev’s years of experience running Google and Meta Ads are the newest addition to the team, and we couldn’t be happier. When he’s not making ROI for our clients, he’s out and about trekking in the mountains, like the pay-per-click man of mystery that he is…