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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to provide ad services only?

We can definitely provide single services just like ad's, but depending on a number of factors like how well your landing pages are structured, worded, and setup. Everything goes by a case by case basis, but we would give you our recommendation with changes, but if you would like to proceed without the changes, we can still provide the service.

Do you recommend ad's on platforms like Yelp?

Not all ads for businesses are built the same way. Yelp ad's for a restaurant will perform differently for an auto mechanic shop. Many factors like budget are included, but we will provide consulting for free if you are a current customer. 

Do you charge if technical issues are caused by your company?

No, never. We make the mistake, we clean up our mess. No client should be charged for an agency's mistake.

Do you have after-hour meetings or consultations?

Yes, by appointment only.

Switching over from one agency to another. How does it work?

It depends what control an agency has. Site, GMB, Analytics, Ad's, etc. Generally speaking the hardest part is authorizations and communication between the client, our agency, and the old agency. Depending on the package we provide for you, we will include the transfers for free.

If we decide to not use your company, will we still have ownership?

This is a question we get asked a lot and the answer is yes. We use the analogy of the construction worker, just because they built the house doesn't mean he has any ownership in it. We feel it is immoral to build you a website and take it from you when you decide to stop using our services. 

I have no online presence, will that be an issue?

Not at all! We actually like to start everything from the beginning, making sure everything is done correctly. In some cases, it takes longer to fix the corrections from the past. But, little to no presence is not an issue for us at all!

My company is in a different state, will that matter?

Not at all! What is beautiful about technology is that we can be anywhere on the planet and provide a great marketing service for your company. All the research we need to do is all online! We also can do consultations on any platform that works for you.

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