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Tired of marketing firms that overpromise and underdeliver? Experience the Blue Ocean HQ difference – where our stellar results do the talking. Thanks to our top-notch marketing strategies, our clients are flooded with work and thriving like never before. Welcome aboard and prepare for smooth sailing towards unparalleled digital success.

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Let's Face It - You're Tired of Hiring Digital Marketing Companies

We'll be the last one you'll need

From building the site, to optimizing it’s speed and search ranking, as well as serving Google ads and social media campaigns, we are proud to be the one-stop-shop for all of your digital marketing needs.

We make sure that all of our work is owned by your company. Unlike other companies, we feel it is unethical to take any of your digital marketing hostage.

From building from scratch to taking over a website that’s been bombed by Google and needs to get revived – we offer a complete solution, tailored to each and every one of our clients.

Supercharge Your Marketing

The digital marketing landscape can feel as vast and daunting as the open ocean, but with Blue Ocean HQ as your compass, you can confidently chart a course tailored to your unique business strengths. Like a shark that deftly maneuvers through the water, we deftly navigate the digital ecosystem, crafting a distinctive and inventive solution that resonates with your specific audience.

For businesses that seek to make their local mark, our prowess in improving search visibility – akin to a lighthouse illuminating the shore – elevates their presence on Google’s search ranks. This leads to a surge in digital footfall and a swarm of new clientele. Take the plunge with Blue Ocean HQ, your reliable partner in the digital depths, and watch your business make waves.

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“They go above and beyond for their customers"

“Courteous, excellent pricing, very knowledgeable. Our business has been recognized and our growth is phenomenal since we hired Blue Ocean HQ. They are the best, we recommend them 150%.”

Trace Raley, Business Office Manager, Done Right Plumbing

At Blue Ocean HQ, we’re more than just a digital marketing agency – we’re a dynamic crew of marketing whizzes ready to give your business a turbo boost! 

Forget about late-night replies or playing email tag due to time zone differences, and bid farewell to the frustrations of outsourced work. With Blue Ocean HQ, it’s smooth sailing all the way! It’s this commitment to a seamless, top-notch experience that makes us the gold standard in the digital marketing world. So buckle up, because with us, your business is about to make some serious waves!


From fine-tuning your webpage, diving deep into keyword research, to ensuring your site loads at lightning speed, managing all aspects of your site's performance can be a challenge without the right SEO expertise. In fact, for most businesses, the magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indispensable for boosting their website traffic, especially when it comes to Local SEO. At Blue Ocean HQ, your friendly digital marketing agency based in Seattle, we're here to lend a hand. Within just a few months, we can assist you in climbing to the top spots on Google and other search engines.

Google Ads

Eager to stake your claim in the arena of industry-leading keywords and make a stride into online advertising? With Blue Ocean HQ, we'll not only help your products and services secure a prime position on Google's top page but we'll also outpace your competition using our cost-effective PPC bidding strategies! Google Adwords is the express lane to advertising to those actively seeking your unique offerings. The best part? We can set your ads in motion and start funneling leads towards your business from the very first day.

Web Design

Has it been a year or more since your website had a makeover? If so, it might be missing out on essential SEO and design updates. It's a bit like inviting customers into a store that's showing its age. Sure, Website Design and Development is a service you'd expect from any marketing agency, but at Blue Ocean HQ, we deliver something more. We're not just here to build your website. We're here to construct a sleek, modern, and responsive online home for your business that's as quick as a bolt of lightning. With the right marketing and SEO tools in our arsenal, we're all set to help you draw in more customers.

Let's Get You Back on Track

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Nothing Less Than Exceptional

Our websites don’t just meet industry standards, they exceed them, achieving top scores consistently. This is a testament to our belief in high-performance, speed-optimized, and search-engine-friendly websites. We craft each site with a meticulous approach, ensuring it is sleek, user-friendly, and lightning-fast to keep your visitors engaged and enhance your digital presence.

Skyrocket Visibliity

By utilizing the formidable strength of our Google Ads campaigns, we ensure your website commands attention in the online space, engaging your intended audience from the get-go. Our carefully curated campaigns begin to produce leads immediately, sparking instant curiosity in your business. Our strategy delivers quick and impactful exposure, successfully turning web surfers into prospective business clients.

Why Choose Blue Ocean HQ?

In-Depth Analysis

At Blue Ocean HQ, we implement in-depth analysis to optimize your PPC Google Ads for local potential customers. With a detailed approach, encompassing exhaustive keyword research, audience segmentation, and competitive analysis, we’re able to effectively target untapped markets from the get-go. We’re not just broadening your reach; we’re specifically attracting high-quality leads that are vital for your business growth. The outcome? A significant boost in local audience engagement, a bolstered brand reputation, and a solidified presence in the digital marketplace. 

Monthly Reports

Each month we’re excited to share a detailed report on your digital landscape. We dive into your Google Analytics, dissecting visitor behavior and traffic patterns, and we keep you updated on the maintenance and optimization efforts we’re making to keep your website shipshape. But that’s not all! We also highlight your Ad reach and the leads we’ve generated, giving you a clear picture of your growing digital footprint. It’s not just numbers and charts; it’s a comprehensive story of your online journey.

Expert Keyword Research

We’ve mastered the art of keyword research for on-page SEO. We tailor this service specifically to your business and location, because we know that one size doesn’t fit all in the digital world. It’s like a custom suit – perfectly cut to highlight your brand and attract your local audience. This expertly crafted keyword strategy fosters organic growth, gently but persistently elevating your online presence. So, kick back and relax while we do the heavy lifting; we’re hard at work ensuring your website speaks the language of your customers and the algorithms. Your growth is our mission.

Get Found Locally

We’re all about local flavor. We optimize your website’s SEO for the specific services you provide, creating a constellation of pages each targeted at a specific city. Think of it as your digital hometown advantage – we’re ensuring that when folks Google your services in their area, it’s your name they see first. So, whether you’re a Dallas donut shop or a Seattle salon, we’ve got you covered. We meticulously craft each page, so it’s not just locally targeted, it’s locally loved. Let us take the reins and watch as your business becomes a local search sensation.

Lightning Fast Websites

Step right up to the fast lane with Blue Ocean HQ! We provide lightning-quick websites that regularly outpace the pack in industry-standard performance tests, regardless of device type. Whether it’s desktop or mobile, our websites are like finely-tuned sports cars – sleek, responsive, and incredibly fast. No more waiting around for pages to load; we’re all about the need for speed. And it’s not just the users who love us; search engines do too! So, buckle up and enjoy the ride as we shift your online presence into high gear with websites that are as fast as they are fabulous.

Honesty and Transparency

We believe in clear skies and calm seas. That means full transparency and honesty in everything we do. We’re like your navigational chart in the world of digital marketing, guiding you through every decision with your best interests at heart. And here’s the best part – you’re the captain. We never take control of your marketing; instead, we empower you with the tools and strategies you need. You have 100% ownership over everything we do for you. It’s your ship, we’re just the experienced crew helping you chart the course to success. Sail with us, knowing you’re in safe hands.

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